CETC AV6416 Single-Mode Palm OTDR 1310nm/1550nm
AV6416 Palm-OTDR is an Optical Time Domain Reflectometer with integrated visual fault locater. AV6416 feature handheld, compact, lightweight, long battery life and easy-to-use.
  • Handheld, light weight, easy to Handle
  • Single-Mode Fiber 1310-155nm
  • Advanced anti-reflection LCD, clear seeing even in field-testing.
  • 1.6m ultra short event deadzone, ideal tools for jumper tools.
  • Auto mode and manual mode.
  • Double USB interfaces, easy storage and transfer of traces.
  • Support Bellcore GR196.
  • WinCE operation system.
  • 10 hours battery life, ideal for field testing
  • VFL (visual fault locator) function, outstanding in checking jumpers and short fibers.
  • Removable connectors (FC, SC, ST)
  • Berat 6.350gr
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