Lightning Counter LC2 TELEBAN (china)
Lightning Counter LC2 TELEBAN (china)
Descriptions of TS-LC2 lightning counter, lightning strike counter, lightning event counter. TS-LC2 lightning counter is kind of electrical counter with low power dissipation and strong capacity of resisting disturbance together with simple operation and Humanity Design features. Widely applied in filed of lightning protection equipments, machinery equipments, s, medical equipments and production lines. Features, lightning counter, lightning strike counter, lightning event counter
  • 3- digit display, accumulation counting available, Records of exact date, time, total 80.
  • Date & time can be set up and records could be cleared.
  • Big LCD word display for date, time and counting value.
  • Electrical counting, no machinery abrade, long life
  • LCD itself can be shut automatically to enter stand-by status for electricity-saving.
  • Inside installed with high power capacity LITHIUM, 8 years long time working event without replacing any battery.
  • -20^ + 70 degree working temperature.
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