Lightning Counter LPI (AUSTRALIA)
Detail Specification:
  • Description lighting strike recorder for lighthing strikes or transient event
  • ordering code LPI LSR1
  • current sensitvity 1500A 8/20us impulse
  • operating range min 1500A max > 220KA 8/20us
  • display mechanical 6 digits display (not re-settable) each digits 0-9 max reading 99999
  • dimension 80mm(b)x82mm(h)x65mm(d)
  • mounting adjustable stainless stellcable ties to accomodate a cable upto 40mm (dia) cable or 50mmx50mm flat tape
  • weight 0.4 kg
  • contruction polycarbonate enclosure clear lid ip 67 rating (IEC 529)
  • color light grey
  • operating temperatures-15 c to + 65 c
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